The Sims 3: Supernatural Expansion Pack Has Fairy Zombies

Supernatural is the expansion pack number seven for The Sims 3. Set in Moonlight Falls, it features a number of new Life States based on popular creatures from myths, horror and fantasy lore. Along with these come special traits, outfits and bod modification features as well. For instance, you can change the look of a Fairy’s wings, create a whole different look for a Werewolf Sim when transformed and give Vampires Fangs or Tattoos. As for the general look of created Sims, well there are additional sliders (Brow Definition, Ear Orbit, Ear points, Nostril Rotate, Jaw Underbite) to fiddle with as well as 6 new skin options.

Dead and Looking Good

Of course, what mythical creature would be caught without the latest in evening fashion? There are thematic clothes and hair styles galore in the Sims 3: Supernatural. For grown-up females alone, there are 13 new coiffures, 42 dress items, 5 makeup options ad 10 vampiric tattoos. Add the added options for Males and kids and you’ve got yourself a bursting new wardrobe.

In order to tie-in with the tweaks in game play, lunar cycles and alchemy also make their debut along with new WooHoo spots, namely the Magical Wardrobe, Arboretum, Fairy House and Gypsy Wagon. Speaking of which, if you’ve ever wanted to earn living s a Fortune Teller or have your Sim’s fortune told, you can now do so with the introduction of the Gypsy Wagon.

Things that Go Bump in the Night

While there are plenty of things to explore in Moonlight Falls, the biggest attraction is, of course, the supernatural Life States

Returning from Sims: Late Night, Vampires which are well compared on the official forums at have been upgraded to have a Lifetime Wish. Unlike Dracula, these creatures of the nighto not actually have to stay indoors during the day thanks to the existence of Sunscreen Elixirs. A Lifetime Reward called “Immortal” can also make them immune to the effects of the sun. Once Vampires have earned it, they will never age, willot be rejected when drinking plasma from other Sims and will need to drink less to survive. However, they may suffer from sparkles when walking outside during daytime. If you don’t like it, blame Twilight.

Fairies age slower than humans and can shrink to a sprite form. This allows them to enter areas such as the Fairy House and ride the Very Small Train Set which is on a miniature of Sunset Valley. At higher levels they can also make use of the “Firy Repair” action in order to repair broken items in their natural form. As a Fairy, much of the fun lies in pranking other Sims and even playing tag with werewolf friends.

Being a Witch has special perks for those who love missing with the lives of other Sims. They get various spells that can alter need states (such as the Bladder Spell or Hygiene Spell), curse Sims using the “Toadification” spell and even raise the dead using the “Reanimation Ritual”. At lower levels, witches can use one of the nine available wands to cast spells but by earning the “Magic Hands” Lifetime Reward bare-handed casting is possible. You can participate in Witch Duels to test your magic proficiency and even fly in style using a Magic Broom.

Werewolves are basically the overgrown pet of th bunch. They are natural athletes and have heightened senses which help them sniff out items and insects. They can join packs in order to hunt more efficiently and they are able to scratch and destroy furniture. Like dogs, Werewolves are incied to forego table manners. Sometimes, they even rummage through the trash. Lastly, the Lunar Cycle forces their transformation. While in this state, they can curse other Sims with Lycanthropy.

Finally, Zombies are as you would expect slow-moving, continuously moaning biters that only exist to attack Sims and eat brains. Oh, and thanks to Plants vs. Zombies, they can also gobble up plants from a garden. There’s really not much to sa about these guys other than they’re probably the least interesting out of the five Life States.

A Hell of a Game to Play

So there you have it. The Sims 3: Supernatural has a wealth of new content just waiting to be experienced and turns the conventional Sims into ne of the more a funnier and light hearted ghost games out there. Far from emulating “real” life, there’s no question that this expansion pack is fresh and exciting. The only thing that may dissuade you from playing it is a matter of taste. That is, if you’re already content immersing yourself in a virtual world made up of, more or less, realistic possibilities.