The Sims 3: Rise to the Top of the Medical Profession

The original Sims PC game was quite the masterpiece in gaming at the time. Some critics would slam the series for merely being a conduit through which people would  spend their lives playing a mundane simulation of what some would describe as already-mundane lives. Millions went on to enjoy The Sims however, and the present day has a number of different titles to offer including The Sims 3 and its expansion pack The Sims 3: Ambitions. Many careers are possible in these games, but few are as sought after or prestigious as the medical profession. Here’s a bit more information about becoming a surgeon in the game and all that it entails.

The Medical Profession in The Sims

Along with all of the other responsibilities you have in The Sims such as taking care of your family, managing your home, and balancing your various moods and attributes, you also have to decide on a career for your Sim as well. There are many career paths in The Sims 3 including jobs in the political, military, and culinary spheres, but perhaps the most rewarding and interesting in equal measure is the Medical Career. Just because The Sims 4 is now out, doesn’t mean that the third instalment is any less fun even to this day – rising through the medical profession is simply one of the most entertaining and challenging paths you can possibly take.

The Medical Career, like all the other careers, has a number of different steps involved within it. you obviously have to start off from the bottom in most cases. Each career has a ladder-like system, with the Medical Career involving 10 steps that represent 10 different jobs. The worst jobs are at the bottom end of the ladder (1) and the best lying at the top (10). In order from 1 to 10, the career steps look like this:

As you progress up the ladder, you can obviously expect the perks that are expected with promotions such as more favourable working hours, better pay, and more opportunities to earn extra cash through events that only really happen to the people working in careers that are higher up on the ladder.

Climbing the Ladder

In order to one day reach the level of World-Renowned surgeon of the likes you often see glamorized on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, you must get involved at level 1. Starting off as an Organ Donor may seem like a comical way to enter the medical profession, but The Sims 3 and its expansion pack demands it. Logic is a job/work promotion factor that is required for all levels of the medical profession along with mood (for the first 3 steps in the ladder, anyhow). After step 3, you’ll want to the added trait of Research in order to progress any further towards the Lifetime Wish of World Renowned Surgeon.

In order to make your Sim more desirable for promotion at work, you’re obviously going to want to increase the particular job/promotion factors. For example, you’ll need to increase your logic for any job in the career ladder, so it’s a good idea to do things like design your house in accordance with your Sims’s needs. A library would be useful in order for your Sim to read and add to this attribute, All other relevant attributes (Mood and Research) should also be improved upon in this manner.

It also helps if your Sim has inherent traits such as Genius, Bookworm, Ambitious, Workaholic, and Good. Having a lifetime wish of becoming a World-Renowned Surgeon is also a prerequisite.

Perks of the World Renowned Surgeon Job

Much like becoming a surgeon in real-life, there are a number of perks that make this job so desirable to have. The first and foremost reason is that the World-Renowned Surgeon job has one of the highest base salaries out of any of the professions in The Sims 3 or Ambitions. In addition to this you also have favourable working hours that allow more flexibility and simply less time in the workplace for more pay when compared the lesser jobs on the ladder.

Some of the more fantastical benefits of having a World-Renowned Surgeon job are the ability to determine the gender of your baby in the game, as well as all of the fame and notoriety that comes with holding this post.

The surgeon job obviously holds a lot of prestige in Sims 3 and is worth pursuing but it can be a long road to getting there and you may just wish to explore an easier option, needless to say like some of the quick access games at They may not be quiet as realistic but they won’t involve no way as many hours’ worth of play to get involved in.