Month: November 2019

The Sims 4: Perfect for New Simmers, Not So Much for Veterans

Sims 4 is all about figuring out what makes sims tick. No, we’re not just talking about slider bars here. We’re talking about Sims that actually mope around when they break up with their girlfriend or go to the gym and brag about their biceps just to soothe their ego. The intricate web of feelings and accompanying traits will surely be a treat for Sim fans who want to add some believable drama to their experience.

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The Sims 3: Third Time’s the Charm

Sims 3 is more than just a visual improvement over the first two game, it actually incorporates plenty of new changes and features that many fans would certainly appreciate. From better main content to massive new expansion packs, Sims 3 is certainly packing enough new content to make even the most long term Sims 1 and 2 players to consider starting fresh.

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The Sims Medieval: Play as the Watcher

Build and manage your very own medieval kingdom complete with grand castles, a Beast in the Pit of Judgement and even good ol’ public humiliation through stocks. As the “Watcher”, or divine being in the sky, your job is to fulfill a Kingdom Ambition. This is done by populating the kingdom with all sorts of Sims starting with the Monarch (which can be a King or a Queen depending on which gender you end up choosing) down to the local Bard. After that, you’ll have your hands full passing edicts, surviving assassination attempts and fulfilling Quests depending on which character you are currently controlling.

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The Sims 3: Supernatural Expansion Pack Has Fairy Zombies

Supernatural is the expansion pack number seven for The Sims 3. Set in Moonlight Falls, it features a number of new Life States based on popular creatures from myths, horror and fantasy lore. Along with these come special traits, outfits and bod modification features as well. For instance, you can change the look of a Fairy’s wings, create a whole different look for a Werewolf Sim when transformed and give Vampires Fangs or Tattoos. As for the general look of created Sims, well there are additional sliders (Brow Definition, Ear Orbit, Ear points, Nostril Rotate, Jaw Underbite) to fiddle with as well as 6 new skin options.

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The Sims 3 Dating, Falling in Love and Getting Married Tips

Though it’s always fun to deck your mansion to the nines, making your characters fall in love and establishing relationships is definitely a highlight when playing games in the Sims series. In The Sims 3, relationships are even more realistic than it was in the past two games. Sims can have boyfriends or girlfriends, propose or get engaged, tie the knot, have children and even get divorced. That being said, what exactly is the secret that makes Sims relationships last?

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The Sims 3: Rise to the Top of the Medical Profession

The original Sims PC game was quite the masterpiece in gaming at the time. Some critics would slam the series for merely being a conduit through which people would  spend their lives playing a mundane simulation of what some would describe as already-mundane lives. Millions went on to enjoy The Sims however, and the present day has a number of different titles to offer including The Sims 3 and its expansion pack The Sims 3: Ambitions. Many careers are possible in these games, but few are as sought after or prestigious as the medical profession. Here’s a bit more information about becoming a surgeon in the game and all that it entails.

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Sim City: New Patches Give You the Freedom to Enjoy Big Lizard Attacks

A decade has passed since the original Sim City started it all. Sporting a new Glassbox engine, 2013’s Sim City has a ton of improvements of the original. Unfortunately, it also has a staggering amount of launch day bugs that had dedicated fans up in arms. This included a nasty always-on DRM, a plague of network errors and busy servers, mindless AIs as well as unnecessary traffic no thanks to inefficient path finding. Finally, a year later, a significant amount of these issues have been addressed and the game can now be played properly. For those who have steered clear of the title due its disastrous launch or if you played it the first few months and are more than a little traumatized, read on to find out what has changed. Who knows, you may also end up changing your mind and giving Sim City another chance.

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